What is Residual Income?

A residual income is defined as one that keeps coming month after month, year after year, even when you are not working, or doing very little to maintain it. Basically you do the work once and keep getting paid from it for a very long time. There’s a little more to it than that but really that’s what it amounts to and it is one of the best ways to create financial freedom for yourself. Typically you do have to work very hard at first but the rewards are well worth the effort once you start earning a full time income that keeps coming in without any additional work.

The residual income definition also often includes passive income, but although a residual income is one example of passive income, they are not always one and the same. Earning passive income can help you do a lot of things with your life that you never could have done before. You are free to do a lot more when you don’t have to trade time for money.

There are many online business opportunities with residual income compensation plans, which is one popular way to earn a passive income online, but there are also many more ways to do it. Network marketing or MLM businesses are also very popular for earning residual income. Membership sites can also be one of the best ways to do it. Building high search engine rankings and making money from Adsense can also be a great way to earn residual income, and it happens to be my favorite way.

A few other ways include… Writing a book and getting royalties on any sales it makes for the rest of your life, investments that pay regular dividends, or even starting your own business and growing it to the point where you can just hire trustworthy managers to run it for you while you collect the cash.

So, if you are looking for something where you work once and get paid forever then you need to learn how to earn passive residual income right now. And that’s what this blog is for!

Some Great Residual Income Business Ideas

Recently, people have been using many residual income business ideas to earn a good passive income. Have you ever wondered what’s the best sort of income? The answer is quite basic and simple. The best income comes from a source that does not make you go to work everyday. In this post, we will talk about such sources and ideas, which can help you earn a good residual income.

There are many effective opportunities for people who want to earn a good passive income. Contrary to the common notion, the best way to earn a residual income through an online business. There are many residual income business ideas that allow you to earn some good money by setting up an online business. Let us tell you about 5some great opportunities, which can help you earn a good passive income online.

Creating Your Blog

In order to earn money through a blog, you will have to create valuable content around something you like. You will also have to generate a lot of traffic to your blog or website. If you display Google Adwords on your blog, and promote products manufactured by other companies, you can get paid via affiliate marketing. If you want a reliable source of good income, this will be one of the best residual income business ideas.

Purchasing An Online Franchise

An online franchise is a great opportunity to earn a residual income. The process of trial and error has allowed many businessmen to create a successful system to run a franchise. However, you need to come up with an investment. If you have some money, you can simply follow the system and collect profits. Purchasing an online franchise is one of the most lucrative residual income ideas.

Investing in Stock Market

Currently, the stock market is down. However, this is the perfect time to buy. These are many different online programs to help you get the best deals. With these software, you can get trading signals to make informed choices about the trade.

Writing eBooks

There are many people who earn a good residual income through ebooks. It’s easy to write and publish an ebook. With services like Amazon Kindle Publishing, you can make a lot of money from your writing and ebooks. Such a residual business allows you to earn royalties on your sales. Similarly, article writing can also be a great way to earn a good residual income.

Affiliate Networks

Last but not the least, joining an affiliate network is one of the best ways to earn a good residual income. According to most experts, an affiliate program is the best choice to earn a passive income. You can easily join an affiliate program to promote some products and services through a blog or website. It’s worth mentioning that affiliate networks can offer some great returns. However, you need to make some sincere efforts in promotion and marketing.

There are many other residual income business ideas you can use. However, your choice will depend on your budget, interests and lifestyle. You need to choose something that interests you. Moreover, you need something that does not interrupt your current lifestyle.

Some Simple Ways to Earn Money Online Passively

Everyone wants to earn a few extra bucks to make his life easier. This is why the concept of passive income getting so popular. If you are also looking for some reliable and effective ways of earning a few extra bucks without making a hefty investment then have a look at the following methods. All these methods are very reliable and easy to start with as you need to use only an internet connection and your assets to earn a few extra bucks.

Create a blog: If you specialize in anything like beauty or technology, you can create a unique blog to earn some passive income. All you need to do is to share some useful information in the blog and promote it at appropriate channels.

Write an E-book: If you have gained a lot of knowledge in a specific field like computer programming then you should convert your knowledge into an e-book, upload it over popular channels like amazon.com and reap the rewards every time your e-book is read or sold.

Try out Web Content Writing: Almost every company is looking for a writer to improve its website or create friendly and engaging content. You can earn from this need of the companies by joining websites like O Desk where you can directly contact with the companies and start earning some extra bucks just by writing simple content. This method of earning passive income online is getting popular day by day.

Start an Online Course: If you are great at something like playing guitar or giving advice on professional grooming, you can create your own course for people to learn that skill. You can give online lessons by uploading notes and videos. You can extract a good course fee from the participants in lieu of the knowledge you share or skill you teach.

Create your own website: You can create a website that offers specific knowledge. For example: You can start a movie review website where you can put in your opinion of a movie and post the most valuable reviews from common people. This would help you get in a lot of visitors without making much of an effort and your efforts to earn passive income online would be fruitful.

Sell your photographs: If you have a passion for photography then you can click a number of photographs and sell them to websites like photoboxgallery.

Rent your assets: If you have got a spare guitar or a DSLR camera that you don’t use often enough then you can rent it out by using online rent / purchase sites for a short period of time and earn a few bucks.

Create a niche based job board: You can create your own job board that specializes in one field only For example: Online marketing professionals only. This would help you to earn a few bucks whenever someone uses your board, be it a job seeker or an employer. This is a fresh and unique way to earn passive income online.

The Best Residual Income Opportunity Online – FINALLY!

I’m absolutely convinced that I have finally found the best residual income opportunity on the internet! Hear me out on this…

I started my internet marketing business exactly 10 years ago at the time of writing this, and in that time I have basically done it all and seen it all. I’ve been in all sorts of different business opportunities, affiliate programs, multi-level marketing systems, and just about every other type of business out there. I’ve had great success in some, total bombed in others, and everything in between.

I’ve even been scammed a few times along the way. But I learned lessons from each and every failure or success.

And I have also purchased more information products than I would care to even admit! Some I learned a lot from and some were absolutely horrible.

On top of that, I am also the co-owner in a very successful offline marketing business with 15 employees, and clients all over the world. I also run several popular business blogs.

I guess you could say that I have a LOT of knowledge and experience in the world of business, both online and offline. I started in the trenches with no money and no experience, without a mentor or system to follow, and I worked my way up to now having several streams of passive or residual income.

But I don’t believe in getting complacent because you never know what’s going to happen, so I still keep my eye out for worthy opportunities to join. After being battle tested for the past decade, I know a good program when I see it, and I know how to sift through all the hype to truly figure out if it is worth joining or just a bunch of crap.

I have a very strict and rigorous process that I put every business I am considering through and 99.99% of the time they don’t pass. So I rarely get into anything new these days. In fact, the last time I joined any sort of program or opportunity was almost 3 years ago.

However, I have FINALLY found what I believe to be one of the best business opportunities I have ever come across. It combines the power of blogging with the proven performance of affiliate marketing and the commission structure of a top network marketing program, and packages it all up into one very easy to follow system that anyone from a total beginner to a full out guru can use and massively profit from!

If you have read this far then you are obviously interested in building residual income for yourself, and I KNOW you won’t find any better option than this…

Go check it out now at: http://www.powerhouseprofit.com

Trust me, you will be glad you did!

12 Reasons Your Business Should Be On The Internet

If a product you sell can be mailed to a customer in the next town, there’s absolutely no reason you can’t mail it to a customer on the other side of the world too! World-wide there are literally billions of potential new customers for your products.

But, for shoppers all over the world to see your products you need a website.

What’s more, the ability to sell world-wide isn’t the only benefit to having a website for your business.

Here’s 12 reasons why your business should have one:

1. It’s An Excellent Medium To Advertise Your Business

Your business website can be a ‘shop window’ – especially useful if you don’t actually have one. It can be a brochure showing photographs of the products you sell, or just explain the services you provide.

Existing customers might even see products and services they didn’t know you provided – or knew they needed.

With prominent display on your website of your telephone number, address, business hours, potential customers can browse your products, call or visit you knowing when you will be open. You can also provide them with a map of how to get to you and a satellite view so customers don’t get lost on the way.

And don’t forget, there’s a big wide world out there. At the moment, you might be advertising and selling to people in your local area. But if your products can be shipped, you can start selling to the rest of the country… or even the rest of the world!

According to ‘Internet World Stats’ figures, in the regions with the three highest percentages of internet users per head of population, (Europe, North America and Australasia – the three regions you are most likely to find interested customers), the average is approximately 70%.

What that means to you in plain English is that there are roughly a billion new potential customers out there for you to sell your products to!

And those figures don’t even include Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. Their internet user percentages are lower per head of population, but some – like Asia – with higher populations result in much higher actual numbers of internet users. If added to the ‘top 3’ total it would be over two billion potential customers for you!

2. You Get Unlimited ‘Proper’ Email Addresses

It’s only a personal opinion I know, but if I’m following a company van in my car and see that the email contact address is a Hotmail, Yahoo or GMail account, I can’t take that business seriously. After all, what proper business uses a free email account?

When you have your own website, part of the process is getting your own domain – like ‘yourbusinessname’ which can be a.com,.net or.info – or one of the many others available.

Along with the web-hosting, you also get an email server with unlimited email addresses using the domain name that you chose. So, if the domain name you got was gardenfurniture.com then you could have sales@, enquiries@, info@ and any others you may need – all free of charge.

You and all the staff who work for you could also have their own email addresses too if you like. What’s more, when a new member of staff joins your company, adding another email address for them for them is a breeze… and still costs you nothing.

3. You Can Make Huge Savings On Your Printing Costs!

If you have flyers, brochures or leaflets printed, you know how expensive it can be.

But what happens if an item in a brochure is unexpectedly discontinued and has to be replaced just a couple of weeks after your brochure comes out? How about another item becoming available after the brochure has been printed? Or products changing price? A costly re-print is obviously out of the question.

If you have a website, in your brochure you can just add a simple line which says “to check product availability, the latest prices and our special offers, please check out our website at…”.

If your website is on all your printed material, running special promotions for a limited period like a week or even a day becomes possible. Before, having leaflets printed would have been prohibitively expensive – especially when they are only of use for such a short period.

So, on your website you can now have that special Christmas promotion during December without the burden of additional printing costs. The same goes for weekly special offers:

“Special Offer – For One Week Only: 14″ Garden Gnomes – Buy One Get One Free! Monday 4th Of July Until Saturday 9th Of July”.

And there’s no waste – unlike when leaflets are left over and can’t be used again because they have dates on them. (You can’t even save them until next year and re-use them as the 4th of July won’t be on a Monday)…

No-one is suggesting that having a website will completely remove the need for a business to have things printed – it just gives you the ability to do things that you currently can’t do because the extra printing costs would simply make it unprofitable.

4. Your Website Content Is Easy To Change And Update

As you have full editorial control of your website, it says what you want it to. You can change item descriptions, prices, dates and photographs if you want, quickly and easily.

You can add and remove articles whenever you like to keep it fresh and up to date so visitor will return.

5. All Your Business Information Online Saves You Time

How long does it take you to answer when someone asks you what your business does? Do you sometimes accidentally forget to mention something?

With a website, you can give a shorter, more general answer and add, “all the details are on our website if you’d like to take a look”, while handing over your business card…

6. ‘Contact Us’ Forms Mean You’ll Never Miss A Potential Lead

We all have to sleep. Sometimes we are ill an other times we are on holiday. We miss calls when we are in the shower or down at the gym. The point is, we can’t all be available 24/7.

If one evening a potential customer only has your phone number to get hold of you and you miss their call, there’s no guarantee they will call back and you could have just missed out on a big order.

With a website, you can have an Enquiry or Booking form, or just a simple Contact Us form so having looked at your products and/or services they can contact you immediately while it’s fresh in their mind. You receive the enquiry and can deal with it the moment you get back in your office.

If they are elsewhere in the world, you may be asleep when they want to know if you can supply your garden gnomes with purple jackets and whether or not you can ship 36 of them to where they live. If their only option of contacting you is by phone and you aren’t available at the time they are interested, they will simply look somewhere else.

With a website showing your products and prices and a way to contact you on your website, your business is effectively open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and anyone, anywhere in the world is a potential customer.

7. Links To Other Websites Can Generate Extra Business For You

With your own website, forging links with other businesses and service providers in your area who also have websites can increase your sales.

You put a small ad on your business website which links to another one and they do the same for you. If the two businesses are mutually beneficial to each other in some way, your visitors will be interested in their website and vice-versa.

For example, if your company sells curtains, you could contact a company who installs windows and ask them if they will put a link on their web page to yours if you put one on yours to theirs.

When one of their customers has new windows fitted they often need new curtains and the link on their website will send them to take a look at your curtains website. The other company will also benefit from additional visitors sent from your website who otherwise may never have known it existed.

And it doesn’t have to be links to websites just in your immediate vicinity. Remember your website will be seen all over the country you live in – as well as the rest of the world – and most businesses with websites are only too happy to ship their products anywhere.

8. Up To Date Price Lists Can Be Available 24/7

The price you pay for the materials you use to make your products, (or sell on) goes up and down all the time.

If you make Garden Gnomes and the price of paint or plaster of paris goes up 20%, there’s a good chance that you will be forced to absorb the increase rather than reprint all your brochures and price lists – or upset customers by telling them the price in the brochure has gone up.

With a website, prices can be adjusted by you instantly as often as you like. All it costs is a little of your time… but no money, which is nice to know!

If your business has just started up and you are working on a budget, then a website brochure is the ideal low-cost option for you. You can start small with just a handful of products and add more over time.

The cost of a website is only a fraction of how much a printed brochure would be and having your products on it means it will always be up to date price-wise.

9. A Professional Looking Website Can Improve Your Image

It’s often all about trust.

Go into a big store in any town or city and you’ll see that a designer has created an image. Mood lighting, expensive decor and the classy background music portrays a feeling of opulence which gives shoppers the impression that the company is prosperous and can be trusted to buy from. this is based on what they see.

But, it’s possible that the store is struggling, might be on the verge of bankruptcy and warranties for what they buy today will be useless in a few weeks. It’s a risk we all take.

It’s also possible that what you sell is of better quality and cheaper than that store. More to the point, you simply can’t afford a classy shop in a prime location in town.

But, if you have a professional looking website which looks as good as than theirs does, internet shoppers in other parts of the world won’t know that you don’t have a big fancy store and could just as easily buy from you as from them.

The bottom line for customers is they want quality products at a good price, so as long as you give them a good deal they won’t be bothered that you don’t actually have a shop they can walk around.

If your website doesn’t mislead visitors, the products you ship out are actually the same as those shown in your brochure and you ship out on time, most of your customers will actually return and order more.

10. You can Blog About The Products You Sell

‘Blogging’ is a buzzword on the internet at the moment – everyone is doing it.

It’s not difficult either – it’s essentially just writing and publishing an article on a web page. The main difference is that after reading your comments, readers can post comments and ask you questions about what you have said.

It’s usefulness to you is that you could blog about one of your products in detail each week. As a blog can be as long as you want it to be, you can go into a lot more detail than the space in any brochure would allow.

You could even turn it into an ‘Item Of The Week’ blog and write about products which you haven’t been able to sell – maybe even offering them at a discounted price just for that week. You know shoppers can’t resist a bargain!

11. Everyone Else Has Got One… (Well Nearly Everyone)!

OK, it’s not as serious a reason as the rest I grant you, but it is true. Also, some people out there do see having a website as a sort of ‘stamp of approval’ for a business. Plus, buying online is a rapidly growing market.

According to a survey by Nielsen Online, 85% of the world’s population with internet access now shop on line. Two years ago it was 10%. Of those numbers, 41% were buying books – not good if you have a bookshop with no website – and 36% clothing. The other two main online purchases were understandably for airline tickets and of course music.

What might surprise you is that country by country, percentage-wise, the biggest online shoppers were South Koreans, the British, Germans and the Japanese.

Remember, the internet has no borders. If you have something an internet shopper wants and you can get it to them at the right price, they will buy it. They don’t really care where you are…

12. It’s Now A Lot Cheaper Than You Might Think

Paying for a professionally designed website used to cost an arm and a leg. You can still find companies out there that still charge huge amounts to big businesses who can afford it and don’t mind paying, but these days the man in the street or small business owner simply can’t afford to pay those high prices.

Luckily lots of small website companies are starting up and lots of competition means they have to compete for business. As such, there are good web design teams out there offering professional looking CMS websites at realistic prices.

A complete new website package including a new domain, the design of a dynamic website, a year of web-hosting and unlimited email accounts which used to cost over a thousand euros/dollars/pounds a few years ago can currently be had for as little as $218-363 or £135-226 depending on the size and complexity of the website required.

At the end of the first year, renewing the domain and web-hosting can be as little as $87 or £54.

So, with prices currently so low and all the benefits to take advantage of, you’d be daft not to enter the digital world and get your business noticed with a web presence!

This is the Dirty Truth about Network Marketing Residual Income

In this post you will find the honest truth about network marketing that you must know and understand if you ever want to succeed in building a business with it to create a passive residual income!

So, let’s get to it…

From a quick first glance network marketing companies can often times appear to be thriving communities of customers all extremely happy with the products that they are consuming and typically they really are, but what drives that community of thriving consumers almost never has anything to do with the actual product(s). Let’s dig a little further into that statement.

First, let me ask you a simple question…

Why did you decided to join a network marketing business?

Just sit back real quick and say that answer to yourself in your head right now.

I can almost guarantee your answer is something along these lines, “Well, I started this business because I wanted to earn some extra money now and eventually become financially free.”

Am I right?

Well let me ask you another question now…

When you are talking to potential prospects about your business what do you talk to them about?

Most likely you try to stick fairly close to the corporate scripts and that inevitably ends up with the person asking questions about your network marketing company’s products or services.

So by the end of the conversation you have lost all control of the direction of it and both you and your prospect end up confused. You lose each other somewhere between details about the products and the details about the compensation plan.

You get off the phone or walk away from the conversation hoping that by some miracle they will decide to join your business.

That’s a situation that is repeated hundreds (or thousands) of times every day by network marketer’s around the world.

This is why:

Building a successful network marketing business and creating massive residual income has NOTHING to do with selling your prospect on your product at ALL!

On the contrary, the only thing that you should EVER talk to your prospect about is the same thing that got you sold on the business in the first place… More money and a financially free future!

Yes, great products are important for retention and any worthy network marketing company will have them. However, this business model is mainly built on financial hopes and dreams. Honestly, if you’re looking for business builders to recruit into your organization then your prospects hopes and dreams of financial freedom and passive residual income are the only things that you should speak to them about, so they can sell themselves on it.

A great way to visually illustrate this principle is to think about it this way… If you had a certain amount of your company’s product in one hand and an equal amount of money in the other hand, which do you think your prospect would choose?

The top income earners and referrers know the answer to that question and that’s how they make all their money!

Here’s another shift in perspective that you’re going to need to make if you want to have incredible success with your home business, and it’s simply a logical continuation on the point just discussed above…

What you think of as your company’s product is actually NOT its real product at all.

Do you think your network marketing company’s product is its miracle juice, phone service, vacation deals, or whatever?

If you do you are very wrong!

Continuing on from my last point, remember your network marketing home business will not grow significantly if you just push the product — it will only take off if you sell people on their financial dreams. And you aren’t going to earn truly residual income off product sales. That’s only going to happen when you are getting paid on the efforts of your downline.

So if you think about it, your company’s real product is its sales training and marketing system. The better your company’s marketing system is able to help you build an army below you, the better and more quickly you will be able to reap the financial benefits of your business.

To extend this point further, eventually you’ll want your downline to do all the work so you don’t have to. That is most often called leveraged income or passive income. The simpler and more effective the marketing system plus the stronger the training your company provides, the easier your system will be to duplicate.

If you want to think about it in its simplest form, your company’s real product is how well it duplicates. If you find a system that is easy to duplicate and you can have your prospect “sell themselves” on their financial dreams, you will have a highly successful network marketing business. And that will turn into a very bright looking financial future!

Your Job is Simple…

Find people that want to attain financial freedom through passive residual income then help them do that through a streamlined marketing system. Shorten their learning curve so that they can go out and duplicate your success.

In fact, forget everything you have ever learned from the “gurus” about building a solid income via network marketing. Instead let the true master teach you at Maximum Leverage.